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Welcome to DANK Capital

DANK Capital is a private equity company, our business is to invest on behalf of our clients — from large institutions to parents and grandparents, teachers, nurses, doctors and people from all walks of life who entrust their savings to us.

We provide access to a new world of investment, where high returns are achieved by active management strategies that prioritize risk control and stability.

A defined investment process is crucial to producing and explaining results in line with established goals. We’ve identified new insights around each step in the process to help provide even greater value to the investors we serve.

We work only for our members. Our promise is to give them insight into what to do with their money, providing the returns that can help them build a better financial future. We pride ourselves of being a company that focuses on making money for our Partners and customers.

We invest in different type of assets that include real estate, and stocks of companies in the US, EU, CHINA and the UK, materials and commodities such as GOLD or SILVER, our diversified basket of businesses give us the opportunity to offer fix returns on the invested capital.

ROI of 10% USD a year could be expected out of the operation.

We manage actively and move accordingly to the everyday events that move the financial markets.

DANK Capital is not a broker, it is a private company that manages its own resources which come from the investments made by our partners and customers into the company.

Investments of capital can be committed for specific time frames, investors can choose to receive advances over its returns periodically, this provides the liquidity that is needed at any time.