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Is DANK Capital an investment Broker?

No, we are a private equity firm and we only invest our own resources.

Can anyone invest in the DANK Capital?

Yes, management has to authorize the terms and conditions.

Is DANK Capital a legally form entity?

Yes, we are legally formed as a SAPI DE CV.

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Where does DANK Capital has its operations?

We have operations in the USA, CAN and MEX.

What type of investment strategy does DANK Capital uses?

We are active management investors.

Do I have a warranty for my investment?

Yes, we have real estate backing for all the investments.

Will I get partial payments on my returns?

Yes, you can choose the terms you need.

Can my investment be in us Dollars?

Yes, investments are made in USD.

Which is the minimum period of investment?

6 months periods.

How can I start my investment?

Just provide ID, proof of address and sign the contract.